Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Obama Administration keeps using big government muscle to try to silence conservative media. And this latest move is so blatant that is sure to enrage anyone who believes in the First Amendment.

The Bully In Chief wasn’t happy about an anti-Obama movie that was mailed out to voters in key swing states prior to the 2012 election. And he wanted this filmmaker punished.

Three Democrats on the Federal Communications Commission unanimously voted to punish Joel Gilbert of Highway 61 Films for creating and dispersing “Dreams of My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception,” which is highly critical of President Obama.

Gilbert did this on his own. He didn’t seek out any assistance from a campaign or a political action committee, but the liberals filed an FEC complaint to punish him and send a message to others in conservative media. So, Gilbert sought out an FEC exemption. The FEC granted this sort of exemption to Michael Moore and Daily Kos for their liberal movies that obviously have an agenda, but they wanted Gilbert punished.

After all, how dare Gilbert challenge Obama!

Thankfully, the three Republicans on the FEC voted against this, and the tie means that Gilbert will not face any FEC action. But, this all highlights how the Democrats feel about the First Amendment – they don’t believe in it.

Republican Commissioner Lee E. Goodman has been trying to warn us about the attack on conservatives in the media for years. And now he says this is the prime example. “Freedom of the press isn’t so free when three government commissars vote to punish a filmmaker for distributing a documentary film,” Goodman said.

This is similar to the Obama Administration blaming Benghazi on a video critical of Mohammad. They even had that filmmaker jailed. At what point does this stop? Obama’s assault on conservative media keeps on while the mainstream media turns a blind eye. What happened to the First Amendment?

Please share this story to warn others about Obama’s attempt to silence us. If the mainstream media won’t report it, we need to get the word out!

H/T: Washington Examiner


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