Friday, April 1, 2016

Bradley Robinett is a well known bank robber. He was sentenced to prison in 2004. He was to spend seven years in prison, but in 2009 he was sent to a halfway house. That’s when Robinett bolted.

He was featured on America’s Most Wanted in 2011, but this criminal was skilled in survival training and was able to escape capture for several years.

Police were especially concerned because Robinett was known to have a stockpile of firearms. His dishonorable discharge from the Marines was also a red flag to authorities as they searched for the bank robber for a long length of time.

When he was finally apprehended, police found a bunker outside of Seattle that he had been hiding and living in. You can see the bunker in the video below.

Robinett only had 2 more years on his sentence when he fled the half way house. Now, he has been sent back to prison for 12 years. That foolish decision cost him an extra 10 years of freedom plus all those years of having to live on the run and underground.

Why do you think he wouldn’t just stay at the halfway home and finish his sentence? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: Seattle Times

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