Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wisconsin’s primary is today. And the battle between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in this state is heating up.

Many pundits had written off Wisconsin for Trump, insisting that Cruz would easily take the state, but a last minute ARG poll shows the real estate mogul very well might pull this win off. The pollster has Trump crushing Cruz by 10 points.

Wisconsin has an open primary. Trump performs better in open primary states as Independents cross over to vote for him. This could work to his advantage today.


The Establishment has pulled out all the stops to halt Trump’s momentum in Wisconsin. The politicians who have been in DC for decades are lining up behind Cruz in an attempt to force a contested convention.

They are scared about Karl Rove’s prediction that if Trump wins Wisconsin, the primary is over because Trump won’t be able to be stopped.

Trump pulled out a secret weapon in Wisconsin to try to help him fight off the establishment. His wife Melania stumped for him for the first time to roaring success.

Melania took the opportunity to defend her husband against charges of sexism. She said that Donald isn’t sexist but rather he is fair and treats everyone equal.

Wisconsin’s primary could very well be a game changer in this primary. All hands are on deck to stop Trump there, but as Melania said, he always punches back 10 times harder.

Who do you think will win Wisconsin? Will Donald Trump be the Republican nominee? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: Hot Air




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