Thursday, April 7, 2016

Whether you’ve seen the musical “Sweeney Todd” at the theater or on T.V., you know that it is a raucously violent black comedy. It tells the tale of a sadistic London barber who secretly slits the throats of his customers with a razor.

So, when students at a school in New Zealand decided to put on their own version of the show, their headmaster made certain that the blade they were using for the murder scenes was dull.

But it looks like he didn’t check hard enough because two of his students have been taken to hospital with neck wounds from the “prop” razor.

They sustained their wounds while performing in front of a huge crowd that included their own parents. But in true Hollywood style, the show went on and the audience was unawares that the blood seen spurting from the actors’ throats was not 100% fake.

Thankfully, both kids have now been discharged and the headmaster has promised that there will be no more performances. Isn’t it crazy that kids were allowed to play with a razor?

H/T: The London Guardian

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