Tuesday, April 5, 2016

You don’t have to have any class, respect, or sense of decorum to be rich and successful in the music industry. And Azealia Banks continues to prove that point.

Banks took to her Twitter account to bash Sarah Palin. But, the classless rapper wrote something horrible — she wished the former Alaska Governor would be gang raped by a bunch of black men in a foul-mouthed tweet. (NSFW)

Azealia Banks Sarah Palin

After being called out for her violent wishes for the conservative Palin, Banks deleted the tweet. But, she continued tweeting derogatory comments and articles about Palin.

Ultra sensitive liberals, who probably buy Banks’s music, get up in arms for any comment of disapproval towards President Obama. If you don’t agree with the President, you are called a racist. But, these same people will stay silent after Banks wished violence on a former Republican Governor.

Shame on them!

In addition to rapping and posing nude, Azealia Banks is known for her tasteless comments towards conservatives. The rapper is all about shock value. Once, she got upset that conservative pundit Wayne Dupree said she didn’t need reparations since she makes so much money rapping, so she called him a “house n*gger” and tweeted him a picture of her genitals.

Banks was arrested a few months ago for biting the breast of a female bouncer. Clearly she doesn’t have any respect for anyone.

Why do you think liberals tolerate this behavior from one of their own? Please share your thoughts. 

H/T: IJ Review

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