Friday, April 29, 2016

California liberals went nuts last night because Donald Trump was there speaking to over 18,000 of his supporters. They feel threatened by Trump’s massive support so they took to the streets and things got violent.

They blocked the streets at the Costa Mesa event so Trump supporters were unable to leave. They tangled with police cars and tried to tip them over. At least one Trump supporter had his face bloodied by the “tolerant” liberals protesting the GOP frontrunner.

Many of the protesters carried Mexican flags. You can check out raw video of protesters below, but beware there is a lot of foul language.

These protesters are completely unhinged. Earlier in the week, two little girls were pepper sprayed in the face in Anaheim. Please explain how the left is tolerant and peace loving when they assault kids!

Please share this to show that Trump protestors are NOT peaceful!

H/T: NY Post

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