Friday, April 29, 2016

Ted Nugent has been been playing music for well over 35 years and has been politically active for almost as long.

He even made being politically incorrect a “thing” long before Donald Trump came along.

Nuge recently sat down with Michigan Live and had some very interesting things to say including who he would support for President.

“Despite what you may have read, I’ve never endorsed Donald Trump. I’ve endorsed no one. I support Trump and Cruz, and I will support whomever the GOP nominee is.

Nugent then drops the hammer on the two Democrats in the race:

I can’t support a communist or a felon which would be Bernie and Hillary. I still believe this is America, not the Planet of the Apes Cuckoo’s Nest Clockwork Orange.”

He even had some words for George Clooney the multi-millionaire who cares so much about the poor:

“Income equality… let’s go to George Clooney’s house to fight for income equality. Hey, here’s a good idea all you billionaires, show us what you mean. Go to your bank and make a withdrawal and show us the equality you speak of. If you believe in income equality, show me!”

“I believe people should be able to keep all of their stuff. Hillary and Bernie think that you are earning for other people who refuse to earn.”

Also on the bathroom situation in North Carolina. He understands it (but even he should not worry about using the word ‘sex’ instead of ‘gender.’)

“The gender you were born with should dictate the facilities you use. I think that’s a good general policy so that documented cases of abuse can be controlled and minimized. I think what Springsteen and others are protesting misses the point that normal sexually oriented people; we have rights, too. It’s a strange condition, and I pray for the Bruce Jenners of the world. It must be a difficult and challenging decision in life to have x plumbing and claim y gender.”

Very blunt. Ted Nugent isn’t concerned about pressure from liberal elites or politicians who are more concerned with protecting feelings than reality.

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H/T: Michigan Live

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