Friday, April 8, 2016

Incest laws exist for a reason. One odd couple are not only embracing this gross relationship, but further embarrassing themselves by seeking out media attention. If you are eating, you might want to put your spoon down before reading this because it’s a train wreck.

Kim West became pregnant when she was just 19. The British woman was a college student in California at the time. She gave her son up for adoption because she felt she was unable to provide for him.

Their recent reunion was a success, but one of a much different kind than the average person would expect. The 51 year old mother and Ben Ford, her 32 year old biological son, now report they are in love and are trying to have a baby together.


The reunion occurred in 2014 when Ben was married. Ford left his wife because of his attraction to his biological mom.

The mother claims this is not incest, but rather Genetic Sexual Attraction, which apparently is an excuse to have sex with your adult child. And Ben reports, “When I met Kim, I couldn’t think of her as my mum but instead as a sexual being. I had seen a therapist at an adoption support group and had learnt about the GSA phenomenon.”

The couple are planning on getting married. Incest is illegal in their home state of Michigan, so the mother-son lovers will have to find another place to settle. They are hoping to have a baby together. If they aren’t able to do so naturally, they will look into surrogacy.

This is not the first parental reunion that has manifested into a sexual relationship. Australian father and daughter John and Jenny Deaves detailed how they were immediately attracted to each other at their reunion. You can see them speak about it below.

Genetic Sexual Attraction was coined over 30 years ago to describe relatives who met as adults but were attracted to each other. Sounds like just another hokey pokey excuse for bad decisions.

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H/T: Daily Mail

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