Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A suspect in the murder of Seattle mother of  three Ingrid Lyne was just arrested. John Robert Charlton, 37, who has a long list of violations including convictions for misdemeanor assault, misdemeanor battery, and possession of marijuana, according to The Seattle Times.

Ingrid Lyne was looking for companionship after her divorce. She signed up for an online dating website and was excited to go on a date to the Seattle Mariners home opener. But, she never came home.

Ingrid’s friends panicked because they knew she would never leave her children. They immediately suspected foul play and informed police.

Some of the social-media posts identified Charlton as Lyne’s date. His name and picture were posted on Facebook, before the announcement of his arrest, by people who identified him as Lyne’s date.


Their worst fears were confirmed when Ingrid’s dismembered remains were found in a recycling bin outside a home less than 3 miles from Safeco Stadium. She was identified by her head which was found in its own package in the dumpster. Police believe the murder occurred elsewhere and then her remains were dumped in an unsuspecting person’s bin. That homeowner called police as soon as the discovery was made.


Police identified a suspect — Charlton. After being taken into custody, he was interviewed by Seattle homicide detectives before being booked into jail, according to police.

So many people meet their significant others through online dating sites, but there are horror stories to be found everywhere. And this is the worst of the worst. It’s important to be vigilant and go into situations with your eyes wide open. This woman went on a date and ended up being slaughtered and dismembered.

Three girls are now left to grow up without their mom. Let’s hope the monster responsible for this never sees the light of day again.

More information can be found in the video below.

What is your opinion of online dating websites? Does this change your mind?

H/T: Daily Mail


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