Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ted Cruz is making a big announcement that he hopes will invigorate his political stamina. His announcement will be at 4pm in Indiana, which is ground zero for his last ditch campaign.

After losing so badly last night, Lyin’ Ted has to change the conversation. And so, he’s trying to take the news cycle from Donald Trump’s win.

His big announcement may not really surprise anyone though. The junior Senator from Texas has chosen Carly Fiorina to be his running mate. Fiorina has already been a vocal surrogate for Cruz, so it’s unsure what she adds to the campaign at this point.

At this point, Trump is essentially the GOP’s presumed nominee, so this really appears to be a Hail Mary from Cruz. Cruz is attempting to assert his relevance when he’s already been rejected by millions of voters.

This video taps into what this move could actually mean for Cruz – it’s a must watch: 

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