Wednesday, April 13, 2016

If you thought blood is thicker than politics, you thought wrong. Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the Eagle Forum, the premier pro-family organization in the country, is facing an attempt to oust her from her own organization for an infuriating reason.

She has been highly regarded for well over 50 years and was on the GOP Platform Committee in 2012.

Cruz supporters on her board are attempting to overthrow this woman who has dedicated her life to conservative principles. This story shows just how divisive this primary has become and how manipulative Ted Cruz and his supporters can be!

And it appears they want to toss her because she endorsed Donald Trump.

What makes this worse is that it appears the leader of this coup is Schlafly’s own daughter. WND spoke with Schlafly:

“I think the leader of the coup is my daughter Anne Cori and her husband at Eagle Forum of Missouri,” Schlafly said. “I think she and her husband want to take over the organization.”

Her son John Schlafly, the treasurer of Eagle Forum and a board member, explained to WND that among the six board members calling the meeting are several “who feel Donald Trump is unacceptable as the GOP presidential candidate in 2016.”

Cathie Adams is a board member who is involved in the attempted overthrow of this conservative legend. Adams is also a Cruz supporter. Her words tell a tale of retribution against Schlafly for daring to endorse Trump.

“If we were going to be asking Ted Cruz about the platform, he would be able to give us a wonderful dissertation on each one of those plans,” Adams told the Dallas paper. “That is the caliber of the man. Where with Donald Trump he says he going to bully people, negotiate with people, he’s going to have good people around him. That’s it. And that is going to make America great? Really?”

So, when someone says that Ted Cruz is a highly ethical and responsible figure, please share this article with them as proof that he and his supporters are conniving enough to overthrow a conservative legend for not supporting him.

Check out this video:

What is your opinion about this? Should 91-year-old Phyllis Schlafly be removed because of her support of Donald Trump?


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