Friday, April 1, 2016

Brandon Tatum went to a Donald Trump rally expecting trouble. The off-duty Tucson police officer was expecting to witness a “a full-fledged riot,” from Trump supporters, but what he saw was the opposite.

Tatum posted a video of his experience and it has been going viral. He said any conflict came from those protesting the GOP frontrunner. And those liberals were out of control.

“These people were acting so outrageous,” Tatum explained. “You were just thinking that somebody was going to lose their temper and there was going to be a full brawl.”

That pretty much blows the media’s stereotype that Trump supporters are hateful and out of control. It wasn’t the Trump supporters who were causing the trouble! These protestors were the ones who were out of hand.

Tatum said he gained a lot of respect for Trump after he attended the rally. But, the police officer reporter the protestors earned no respect from him as they were “the most hateful, evil people [he’d] ever seen.” That’s a pretty stinging comment coming from a police officer who routinely deals with criminals.

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H/T: Daily Caller



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