Thursday, April 14, 2016

Conservative frontrunner Donald Trump is energizing a lot of people. He’s reaching supporters who aren’t your average political junkies but are ready for a change. One of those supporters is 16-year-old Addison Antico.

Addison lives in Massachusetts, one of the most liberal states in the county, but he proudly supports Donald Trump.

Addison has boldly stated who he wants to be the next president by raising an enormous Trump sign for all the liberals in the neighborhood to see.

The 14 x 50 foot sign is so big that The Donald took notice of it and shared a video of it on his Facebook page — see it below. Most 16 year olds in blue states don’t get that kind of attention from a GOP frontrunner, but Donald Trump isn’t your average candidate. He is inspiring people in BIG ways.

Addison prefers Trump’s straight talk and the fact that he’s a businessman.

He told Tell Me Now, “What makes me so passionate is the ambition this guy has. He plays no games and says what he thinks is right… I believe he will make this country great with trade, jobs, illegal-immigration. He has a no BS attitude and can make deals. He will make this country a business again not a charity.”


Addison even put a spotlight on the sign so all his peers and family can see it at night, too.

That’s a pretty big display of support – LITERALLY! But, speaks to the extent to which Trump is activating Americans – and of all ages! THAT is the Trump effect.

Addison hopes Donald Trump will come and see the sign in person. We think Donald should add this stop to his campaign tour!

Please share this if you support Addison’s daring display of his choice for president – and think Donald should pay him a visit!

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