Thursday, April 7, 2016

Legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr sent the Twitterverse in frenzy when he tweeted a photo of his favorite sandwich. It’s a combination most of us probably haven’t heard of. And the tweet got so many reactions that the sammich began trending.

It was probably the most engaging Twitter conversation of the week.

Banana and mayo sandwich must be a local thing as it’s not anything I have ever seen in a restaurant. Not everyone’s mouth was watering over this recipe.

Johnsonville brats even got into the conversation. That sandwich could use some protein after all!

And while many complained that the thought of this sandwich was turning their stomach, others tried it. Their reviews may surprise you!

After all of that drama over his lunch, #88 opted for something more mainstream and acceptable for dinner.

There was so much drama over this recipe that even Buzzfeed made a video about it. You can see that below.
What do you think about this sandwich? Will you try one? Please share your reaction!

H/T: Mashable

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