Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton really wants to grab our guns. The former First Lady made that very clear when she stated that “We just have too many guns,” at a gun violence forum in Philadelphia. She said this with former Attorney General Eric Holder sitting at her side.

“When it comes to guns, we have just too many guns,” Clinton said. “On the streets, in our homes, in our neighborhoods. And, you know, there’s been a lot of talk in this campaign, in the primary campaign, about the power of certain interests in our country. And we do have a bunch of powerful interests, make no mistake about it. But there is no more powerful lobby than the gun lobby.”

That kind of says it all. Criminals don’t care what laws are intended to prevent them from owning guns. They are ALWAYS going to have guns. That’s why gun control doesn’t work. It simply disarms law abiding citizens and creates soft targets.

School shootings are an example of this. When people aren’t able to protect themselves using their Second Amendment rights, it’s like rolling out a welcome mat for crazy people who want to harm as many people as possible.

Hillary Clinton is using the tragedy of the Sandy Hook shootings to bolster her campaign. The daughter of the principal killed there is now featured in an ad set to run in Connecticut and Rhode Island ahead of those states primaries.


What would you tell Hillary if she came for your guns? Please let us know.

H/T: Free Beacon

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