Thursday, April 7, 2016

When you buy a home, you never know what you will find. Homes hold many stories from the previous people who lived there. Sometimes, those stories are pretty mysterious. One man made a big $700k discovery in his barn, but this one is intriguing on a completely different level.

Imgur user MadHats86 posted these pictures that sparked my interest. MadHat’s friend ripped out some carpet and discovered something amazing underneath. While I would be very excited to find this, I’d be a little bit terrified too!

When the carpet was removed, they saw that something wasn’t quite normal, so they did some investigating.

trap door

I sure bet they weren’t expecting to find this! Would you go down the steps?

trap door

trap door

Kind of spooky down there! There were shelves of mason jars and bottles in the hidden cellar below the home.

trap door

Most of the jars were empty but there were some that had contents.

Trap door

As you can see, nobody had ventured down to this hidden cellar in quite some time.

Trap door

Wow! How would you react if you made this type of discovery in your home? Why do you think someone went to such lengths to hide this? Did this home just belong to a well-prepared family or do you think there is more to the story? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: Little Things


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