Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy continues to live under a cloud of suspicion because of her email scandal. Well, things might get a little more tense for the former First Lady very soon.

Judicial Watch has been leading the charge to expose Hillary’s email abuse. And now they have been granted permission to govern the sworn depositions from three of Hillary’s former aides. The agreement between the State Department and Judicial Watch is expected to be approved by a federal judge next week.

Judge Andrew Napolitano has also hit Hillary pretty hard on her email scandal. The Judge has said repeatedly that it is clear that Hillary broke the law.

He just said that he thinks this could cause a crisis for President Obama as well. If the FBI fails to indict Hillary, it will be Obama’s Nixon moment.

“If the Democrats that run the Justice Department decide that she’s not going to be indicted because she’s about to become or will have become the Democratic nominee for president, can you imagine what the reaction will be? The FBI will release the evidence against her, much of which is already publicly known,” Napolitano warns.

Can you imagine Hillary taking Obama down with her? When this information is released, that just might happen.

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H/T: Inquisitor


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