Friday, April 22, 2016

Chalk isn’t just for art. It has many uses! You will be surprised at how a stick of chalk can make your life a little easier. Check out all of its amazing secrets below!

Chalk Can Remove Grease Stains

It absorbs the grease. If you get some grease on a shirt, rub some chalk over the stain before tossing it into the washer.

Chalk removes grease stain

Hide Water Stains

Rub some chalk over water stains until you are able to paint the defect.

Chalk Water stains

Restore Tarnished Silverware

Using chalk can easily remove the tarnish from silverware. Just wrap a piece of chalk up with the silverware in some cheesecloth. Tarnish is caused by moisture and the chalk will absorb it.

Chalk Tarnish silverware

Chalk Removes Stinky Closet Odors

If your closet or drawer needs a fresher scent, just wrap some chalk in a sachet and leave it there. This art tool will absorb the stink!


Fight Off Ants 

Ants don’t like to walk over chalk. If you draw a line with chalk, they won’t cross. How did I not know this?

Chalk Ants

Use Chalk To Prevent Rust

Chalk actually prevents rust from forming. Toss some in your toolbox to keep your tools looking new.

Chalk prevents rust

Combat Slippery Screws With Chalk

If you have a stubborn screw, rub some chalk on the screwdriver tip to get it out easier.

Screwdriver Chalk

Win The Battle Against Sticky Keys

If your key keeps getting stuck in the lock, rub some chalk on the edges to help fix the problem.

Key Chalk

So, grab a box of chalk. It’s an inexpensive multipurpose tool to help you solve some everyday problems.

Do you use chalk for anything else? Please share your tips.

H/T: Faith Tap

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