Friday, May 13, 2016

A Wisconsin man was reunited with his beloved dog two years after losing him. Jose adopted Chaos when the dog was just a puppy. Jose was going through a divorce and needed the unconditional companionship that dogs provide us.

He took Chaos everywhere with him. But, when he hit rock bottom and didn’t have a place to live, he asked a friend of a friend to watch Chaos until he could find a home for both of them to stay together. When Jose went back to get Chaos three months later, the “friend” refused to return the dog. That was 2 years ago.

Recently, Jose got an unexpected call from the Winnebago County Animal Services. They found a lost dog and the microchip led them to José. He wasn’t sure what to expect from Chaos when the two were reunited, but he left immediately.

“I couldn’t get to the shelter fast enough,” said Jose. “I couldn’t wait for it to open so I could see Chaos! I left at 8 am today and had an hour and a half drive, so I was very anxious!”

Chaos was scared at first, but when he recognized Jose, the joy was uncontainable!

Chaos was a good boy on the long drive home. He was so happy that he put his head on Jose’s shoulder.

Jose had gotten another dog during that time. Fortunately, Chaos is having fun with his new canine sibling. And Jose’s kids were thrilled to be reunited with Chaos, too.

Jose advises every owner get their dog microchipped. It was very much worth the investment.

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H/T: Fox 59

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