Monday, May 23, 2016

The effects of having Barack Obama as our Commander in Chief were on full display during NATO’s Strong Europe Tank Challenge. Six NATO nations (Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and the United States) competed. The United States failed to even place in the competition!

This is very concerning to our national security! Making the results even more disastrous is the fact the U.S. sent two platoons while the other five countries only sent one. And we still failed to place. Germany won top honors, followed by the Danish crew. Poland came in third.

Watch as these tank crews navigate NATO’s Strong Europe Tank Challenge:

While it is terrific that our allies appear to be able flex their muscles, it’s alarming that the US has fallen so far behind. It more than likely has to do with Obama’s gutting of the military.

Fortunately, Donald Trump has promised to focus on national security when he is President. January is just seven months away, and it can’t seem to come fast enough!

Since Hillary Clinton would essentially be giving us a third term of Obama, we need to make sure people know about how horribly our U.S. military performed in this tank competition and vote for Trump!

Please share this article to get the word out! We must support our troops and give them the proper equipment.

H/T: Allen B West

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