Wednesday, May 11, 2016

West Virginia sent America an important message on Tuesday. Hillary Clinton isn’t welcome or wanted.

The former First Lady beat Barack Obama handily in that state in 2008, but her wild-haired Socialist challenger embarrassed her there in Tuesday’s primary. Bernie Sanders beat the frontrunner in every demographic.

This should come as no surprise to Hillary after she made very heavy-handed comments about wanting to put the coal industry out of business. One West Virginia Mayor even said that Bill Clinton wasn’t welcome in his city. When Slick Willy showed up anyway, he was greeted with boos. As the Clintons are finding out, this is definitely not 1996. Voters want outsiders and are rejecting the Clintons.

In the primary since ousting his competitors from the race, Donald Trump easily coasted to victory in West Virginia and Nebraska. Trump now has 1119 delegates of the 1237 he needs to officially capture the Republican nomination. There still is a need for Trump to work on unifying Republican voters, however. But, the thought of having Hillary Clinton as President may be the biggest unifying issue in November.

A full 1/3 of Democratic voters in West Virginia said they will support Donald Trump in November. That is a HUGE rejection of Hillary Clinton from a working class state. Her own base doesn’t want her.

CNN provided a good summary of the primaries in just 90 seconds. Watch:

So, the news of the night is that West Virginia brought the smack down on Hillary Clinton.

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