Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Donald Trump was holding a peaceful rally last night in Albuquerque, New Mexico, when the radically violent left wing nut jobs decided to show up and go on a violent rampage.

Inside the convention center, the agitators did their best to disrupt Trump’s speech. A number of them brought in banners that read, “Undocumented Unafriad” and “We’ve heard enough.” One loony, who looked only to be wearing a bra, started throwing fake money into the stands. And that’s only what happened inside the venue.

Outside the venue, these “protesters,” as the media is so kindly calling them, broke through and smashed a glass door, stomped on the top of police vehicles, and thew rocks, bottles, and even FIREBOMBS at the police. A Trump t-shirt vendor even had his table turned over and his merchandise set on FIRE! There were also reports of shots being fired that prevented Trump supporters and rally attendees from exiting the front of the convention center. That doesn’t sound like a protester to me – more like saboteurs bent on chaos and destruction.

The Albuquerque Police were restrained in dealing with these psychos, despite a number of the officers being injured. They made at least one arrest from outside the rally, but the majority of arrests came from inside.

Watch as the “protestors” decided to turn the evening into a riot and attack the upstanding Albuquerque Police Department:

These people are absolute lunatics. Can you image what will happen after Trump actually receives the nomination? Trump is an ENORMOUS threat to their power.

Share if you Support Donald Trump in eliminating this vicious, evil group of people hellbent on CHAOS and DESTRUCTION.



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