Tuesday, May 24, 2016

During World War II, we weren’t afraid to define our enemies. And we also didn’t have to worry about the media working to help the other side by exploiting our soldiers. Our men in uniform were able to make tough decisions and instill fear in our enemies without being scolded.

A recent recording from an actual member of the “Band of Brothers”, 506th Easy Company 101st Airborne, details how they forced captured Nazis to talk. Today’s press would have completely skewered these soldiers. Liberals would have called for them to be tried for war crimes.

But, these soldiers knew what they had to do. They knew who the enemy was and they knew they needed to find out this information to save Americans on the front lines. These men were heroes.

The Band of Brothers veteran explains in the audio below how they were told to get the Nazis to fear them and make them divulge Nazi secrets. Our soldiers weren’t worried about hurting the Nazis feelings. They were worried about their fellow Americans.

And that’s how it should be done. But, political correctness trumps common sense in Obama’s America. The Greatest Generation wasn’t worried about causing Nazis to have nightmares. The Nazis were a nightmare. Much like today’s terrorists, they killed Americans and civilians without any concern, so I really am not going to shed a tear for their hurt feelings.

Please share this if you believe our military should bring back these methods.

H/T: American Military

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