Friday, May 27, 2016

Socialism kills.

The crisis in Venezuela is the true end result of socialism. Bernie Sanders’ dreams of a Utopian socialist society are just absurd dreams not reality. What is happening now in Venezuela is the reality of socialism.

Their money is worthless — President Nicholas Maduro has completely degraded any value of their currency. The government doesn’t even have enough paper to print money! Black markets are on the rise for everything – including milk. A hamburger will set you back $170! A hamburger!

Grocery stores are bare. Government stores are only open two days a week and you need identification to shop. The two-day workweeks were instituted not to create nice home lives but because electricity is rationed.

The lack of food has caused people to start hunting cats and dogs. Despite living in an oil rich nation, these people are starving as socialism has destroyed their country.

The water is so filthy that it is yellow. Clean water trucks are robbed several times a day as safe drinking water is so hard to come by.

Venezuelans are really #FeelingTheBern as they don’t even have toilet paper in this government-induced crisis.

Venezuela is a very scary place to be right now. Watch the video below of two Americans who went there to get a first-hand perspective. There is complete lawlessness in addition to starvation and unsanitary conditions.

Venezuela is hell on earth right now. Their hospitals are something right out of a horror film. Imagine hospitals without proper equipment, that lack medicine, and aren’t properly staffed. It’s insanity! This is the end result of socialism.

Please share this to warn people not to support the left wing agenda. This is the reality of that agenda. 

H/T: IJ Review

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