Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bernie Sanders supporters need to get their heads out of the clouds and see how destructive his fiscal irresponsibility is. And they should look at Mrs. Bernie Sanders’s employment at Burlington College as the prime example. Students and faculty there are now royally screwed – all because of the Sanders financial plan.

While President of Burlington College, Jane O’Meara Sanders had big dreams and a small budget. She wanted the college to expand so she misrepresented the school’s fundraising goals to secure a loan to purchase $10 million in land from the local Diocese. The school defaulted on the loan as the financial numbers Sanders claimed just weren’t true.

Mrs. Sanders left her position last year following her destructive financial decision making. And as she did, she took one more dip into the Burlington College’s bank account, taking a $200,000 severance package.

Burlington College has just announced that it is now closing. The school says it cannot sustain the “the crushing weight of the debt” brought about by decisions Jane Sanders made on behalf of the college. Yes, the wife of a man running for President actually caused a college to shut down due to her financial incompetence.

Imagine being a college student and suddenly having to find a new school in the middle of your studies. Or being a professor who is suddenly out of work – along with all of your colleagues. Thanks Jane Sanders!

In the real world, financial decisions have consequences. You just can’t print more money to pay your bills. And while the Sanders enjoy the $200,000 severance payment from the wallets of Burlington College donors, the faculty and students are the ones paying the price.

Catholic parishioners in Vermont want the wild haired Socialist Senator’s wife investigated for federal bank fraud as the their diocese lost $1.5-2 million due to Sanders’s deceitful actions.

This is the Sanders economic plan in action. You can learn more about the college’s closure in the video below.

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H/T: Heat Street

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