Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Marcus Owens claimed he was a victim of a hate crime on April 30. The Iowa City Police Department sprang into action.

The black student at the University of Iowa claimed that he was the victim of an unprovoked attack by several men who were screaming racial slurs at him. Owens said he stepped out of the Eden Lounge to make a phone call when he was attacked. Social Justice Warriors at the university claimed this highlighted an increase in racism on campus and in Iowa City.

But, video from that evening shows it was all a lie. What actually happened was that Owens got involved in a large bar fight. After being kicked out of the bar, he got in two more fights in just 10 minutes. While one person yelled a racial slur, it is clear this series of events was not a hate crime. Police say Owens was the instigator in at least one of the fights. This is substantiated by the video below.

Police are declining pressing a false reporting charge because of the following apology issued by the Owens family:

“Marcus now knows that his account of events was inconsistent with police findings, in part due to alcohol being involved, his embarrassment at his behavior, as well as the injuries he sustained,” the family’s statement says. “In light of this, it was concluded that this incident was not a hate crime as originally believed, but rather a case of excessive underage drinking and extremely poor judgment on the part of many people, Marcus included.”

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H/T: Daily Caller


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