Friday, May 27, 2016

Liberals are always blaming the human race for climate change. They call it either global warming or global cooling depending which way the thermometer is headed that day. These tree huggers could learn something by looking at Mars, where no humans reside.

Using telescopes, we have discovered there are polar ice caps on Mars. There is a seasonal cover of carbon-dioxide ice and snow. Oh, and the hippies don’t have any humans to blame for carbon footprints there!

NASA has created this amazing 3-D perspective view of Chasma Boreal, a canyon in the north polar cap. I think it will leave the hippies speechless.


NASA Scientists discovered there was an ice age on Mars over 400,000 years ago and the planet is still recovering from it. Funny, according to left wingers that stuff is caused by humans.

You can see more HD pictures of the Mars polar caps that were taken from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in the video below.


These pictures are not only amazing, but they kind of fly in the face of the global warming warriors.

Please share this to spread the truth to all of your tree hugger friends!


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