Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hillary Clinton just continues to lie, and lie, and lie about her emails even after the the report from the State Department Inspector General was released. It declared she had no authority to set up her own private server and use private email exclusively to conduct business.  Crooked Clinton still insists what she did was no different from her predecessors.

Not so, says the former State Department Inspector General, Howard Krongard. He claims Condi Rice never used private email and that when Colin Powell used it, people were made fully aware of it and Powell worked to have the systems secured.

The bottom line is, the Inspector General has determined, Hillary broke the rules:

The report concluded Clinton’s use of a private server and account was not approved, and broke agency rules. The report said by the time she became secretary, the rules had repeatedly been updated, and were “considerably more detailed and more sophisticated.”

Watch the video:

This is outrageous. We have no idea what damage has been done to our national security. Clinton and her people maintain the server was never hacked but in the IG report, an aide confirmed that on more than one occasion, he had to shut the server down because it was under attack.

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