Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Donald Trump delivered a knockout blow to Ted Cruz’s presidential ambitions last night. The Indiana primary was a complete blowout in favor of the real estate mogul.

Ted Cruz went all in on Indiana in a Hail Mary attempt. He even dragged Carly Fiorina into the race as his running mate just a few days ago. But, she was unable to provide that shot in the arm that the junior Senator from Texas needed. Cruz only earned 36% of the vote to Trump’s 53%.

Cruz wasted no time in exiting the race after this complete tromping. This leaves Trump the presumed nominee. Ohio Governor John Kasich’s vanity campaign continues, but nobody outside of those on his payroll, seems to understand why.

Even the RNC Chair said it’s time to unite behind Trump.

Trump’s victory speech set quite a different tone that he will be the nominee. He is pivoting to the general election. Here’s a taste of what we can expect for the next few months.

So, Donald Trump and his supporters have beat the party establishment. Even after he took well-respected governors out of the race, the establishment mocked him. Now, he is the last man standing so they have to accept him.

Victory is sweet, but there is a lot of work to do to defeat Hillary in November, so don’t expect Trump to take a long victory lap.

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