Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Who would have predicted the Republican primary would have been over before the Democratic primary?

In just a two person race, Hillary Clinton can’t seem to tie up the nod from her party. The former First Lady was expected to win in Indiana, but the wild haired, self described Socialist beat her! Yes, Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton – again! He won 74 of the 92 counties in the Hoosier State.

This was a shocker that nobody saw coming, even as polls were closing!

That means the Democratic primary will continue to drag out. A prolonged race with the self described socialist will drag Hillary to the left – far away from where she needs to be to court Independent voters.

This is really big news. Hillary’s legal troubles are causing her serious problems with her supposed base. With her name ID and riding on her husband’s coattails, this was her nomination to win- and a year later, she still hasn’t sewn it up. Though, in true socialist style, the DNC will redistribute some of Bernie’s delegates to Hillary.

Listen to Bernie Sanders. He seems to be in shock over his surprise win!

This is going to leave a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters feeling bitter in the fall. The press is focusing on the Republicans having issues unifying, but the Democrats face the same challenge! This is an election season like no other!

Please like this article if you are glad Hillary got embarrassed in Indiana!

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