Monday, May 16, 2016

Things are getting rough in Hollywood as the liberal actors battle over supporting Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. And one actor found himself arrested after taking a political beef way too far.

Wendell Pierce is a Hillary Clinton supporter and “The Wire” actor takes his support way too seriously. While in Atlanta, Pierce struck up a conversation with a couple at 3:30am. As the talk turned political, he got upset that the couple supports wild haired socialist Bernie Sanders.

Words turned to a physical altercation when Pierce pushed the boyfriend and then grabbed the girlfriend by her hair and smacked her. Apparently, he takes politics way too personally.

You can get more information on this in the video below.

So, it appears this prolonged primary is causing Hollywood to become a bit unhinged. They are turning into political cannibals! All while the mainstream media attempts to portray Trump supporters as violent.

And this division on the left is going to cause issues with unifying with Hillary as the nominee. The Democrat’s long primary is causing some wounds that just might not heal before November.

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