Thursday, May 19, 2016

Krystal Lake, a supporter of the horrible socialist Bernie Sanders, decided to wear an unbearably offensive hat that says “America Was Never Great.”

Whether one supports Donald Trump or not, the idea that Americans do not live in the greatest country in the world is flat out ridiculous. It’s even more ludicrous to take that inanity and bring it to the workplace. Especially at a Fortune 35 company.

Watch as she tries to explain her idiotic reasoning behind wearing the dreadful hat:

The irony here is that she works for Home Depot. They pay very well, have great healthcare benefits (including dental and vision), bonuses, stock awards, and more. Does Lake think she’ll do better in a socialist utopia like Venezuela where they can’t even stock food stores?

Maybe a phone call to the Home Depot corporate offices is called for. You can probably bet if somebody wore a “Hillary Sucks” hat to work, they’d be forced to remove it.

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H/T The Blaze

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