Friday, May 6, 2016

Finding yourself trapped in a car that is quickly sinking into a pond or a lake is terrifying — a situation you wouldn’t even want to face in a nightmare.

However, should you find yourself in this predicament, there is one thing you must do right away:

If you’re thinking, ‘call 911’, that’s not it.

Before you do anything, and I mean, anything, remove your seat belt with one hand while simultaneously rolling down your window with the other. If you’re alone, climb out of the window as fast as you can – you may have less than a minute to do this.

In cars with electronic systems, you must get your window down before the water has time to cause the system to short out. Waiting until you’re fully submerged will make breaking your windows without a special tool next to impossible.

If you have children with you, as soon as your window is down, help them out of their seats and pass them through the window. Get the oldest children out first as they can help younger ones.

For a re-cap of this vital survival procedure, watch the video below:

Unfortunately, more than 400 people in the US alone drown from being trapped in cars underwater.

Don’t let this be you or your loved ones — share this story with everyone you know. It might just save their lives.

H/T: Sun Gazing

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