Thursday, May 26, 2016

Donald Trump tosses Hillary aside as he challenges Bernie Sanders to debate.

The former First Lady has refused to debate Bernie Sanders before next months’ California primary. So, on Jimmy Kimmel’s show Donald Trump challenged to debate Bernie Sanders. This is a bold move that pushes Hillary to the side and exposes her wormy nature as she hides from accountability.

Watch Trump challenge Sanders:

The socialist Senator from Vermont immediately agreed to debate the real estate mogul for charity before the upcoming primary.

This is a brilliant move that will continue to fan the flames and spread the animosity that has grown between Hillary and Bernie supporters over the past month. This may just be the final nail in the coffin for Bernie supporters as they have quickly realized how the DNC has rigged everything in Hillary’s favor. They #FeelTheBern of this betrayal and many don’t see themselves voting for Hillary in November.

If previous debates are any inclination, Trump will sweep the floor with Bernie. Bernie will probably have trouble holding onto his microphone!

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H/T: Uncut

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