Thursday, May 26, 2016

An infamous British ISIS Jihadist, “Jihadi Bride” Sally Jones also known as “Mrs. Terror” has been allowed to spread her hateful message for OVER SIX MONTHS on Twitter without being banned.

Most recently she took to Twitter to threaten attacks against London, Glasgow, and Wales.

Sally Jones is a former punk rocker from Kent who converted to Islam and married extremist Junaid Hussain, a computer hacker from Birmingham. She gained infamy after she took to social media mocking the drone pilots who killer her husband in Raqqa last year.

She is a dangerous psychopath who has even urged other British women to carry out terrorist attacks against British civilians.

Jones is able to avoid suspension by repeatedly taking her account down.

It’s abhorrent that Twitter allows this known terrorist and spewer of hate to continue to operate without recourse.


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