Monday, May 2, 2016

Malia Obama has announced that she will be attending Harvard in the fall of 2017 after taking a gap year break between high school and college.

This announcement has highlighted President Obama’s hypocrisy. The President has chosen to send his daughters to expensive private schools at the same time that he tries to railroad less affluent children into failing public schools by obstructing school choice options.

David Burge pointed out on Twitter that Malia has always benefited from a private education and this will continue into college all while her father actively prevents other children same access to that type of education.


BOOM! What a hypocrite!

President Obama is perhaps one of the biggest obstructionists of school choice in the country. Teachers Unions have routinely filled his campaign coffers. And those unions don’t like the educational options that school choice brings. They would rather the kids stay in failing public schools.

So, while Obama has worked at keeping lower income DC kids out of the private schools, he has sent his daughters to private schools. That is the definition of a hypocrite!

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H/T: Right Wing News

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