Friday, May 27, 2016

Obama’s home state of Hawaii is planning a full blown assault of the Second Amendment. A bill on Governor David Ige’s desk would require the monitoring of all gun owners.

Gun owners would be tracked like criminals for simply exercising their constitutional rights. All gun owners in Hawaii would be entered into a federal biometric database for constant monitoring by the FBI.

If a Hawaiian is arrested in another state, Hawaii would be alerted so they could work towards revoking that person’s gun permit. They want to know where all the guns are and who has them, as you can see in the video below.

The NRA is fighting back against this bill that awaits the Democrat Governor’s signature.

“The exercise of an individual’s Second Amendment rights is not inherently suspicious and should not require a person to surrender other civil liberties, including unwarranted invasions of privacy or unequal treatment under the law,” reads a statement on the bill from the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “The lawful acquisition, possession, carrying, or use of a firearm does not justify subjecting citizens to ongoing monitoring.”

Governor Ige supports gun control and is opposed to concealed carry. It is likely he will sign this very restrictive measure.

Please share this to warn people about this recent gun grabbing attempt!


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