Friday, May 27, 2016

Being bullied in school is never any fun. Not everybody has experienced it. I have and I remember it being pretty frustrating. Bullies often use their larger size as an advantage to intimidate people. Of course, when bullies push too far and somebody pushes back, their true cowardice is exposed.

That’s what happened in this video. You can see briefly where the bully attempts to intimidate the other kid with his size. He pushes him once. When he pushes him again, the book bags are dropped and they square off. Check it out:

Would you bully that kid anymore? No way! If anything the bully seems to have taken on a future mixed martial arts fighter. The best part?

The bully calls for a girl to come over and help him. 

Share this with others and let them know that bullies are usually quick to back down when somebody fights back.

h/t Conservative Tribune


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