Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Obama Administration is trying to fast track Syrian refugees arrival to the United States by accelerating the screening process.

The White House wants 10,000 refugees to resettle here this year and up to 10 times that amount overall.  The current screening process takes 18-24 months, but President Obama wants this sped up to just a three-month screening process.

The FBI and local officials have warned the White House their request is inappropriate and inadequate to throughly vet these people coming from areas that are hotbeds of terrorism.

Senator Mark Kirk told the Washington Free Beacon that he is very concerned about this given ISIS’s ability to print phony passports. With a much less stringent screening process, there will be some who fall through the cracks.

“Given that the administration has not explained to the American people whether and how it fixed these and other known vulnerabilities to terrorist infiltration, it is highly irresponsible for the administration to reduce the 18- to 24-month vetting process for Syrian refugees down to three months to meet its artificial and ideologically-driven goal of bringing 10,000 Syrian refugees onto U.S. soil by September,” said Kirk, who recently introduced legislation to impose enhanced screening measures to prevent terrorists from taking advantage of the U.S. refugee program.

Please share this so everyone will see what Obama’s plans are for Syrian refugees!

H/T: Washington Free Beacon

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