Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ronald Reagan was an amazing President. He was able to put conservative ideas into action and he had an amazing way of uniting Americans that nobody has been able to do since.

He worked across the aisle with those who disagreed with him. He got things done in part because he had a terrific personality. And he often used humor to help bridge the political gaps that divide us.

On CBS Sunday Morning, comedians Mo Rocca and Drew Carey look back on Reagan’s jokes. And they are pretty impressed that The Gipper was able to use humor so effectively. Reagan made fun of everything, including himself, in a way that made us laugh and allowed him to disarm his opponents. Watch the video below honoring the beloved president and his knack for one-liners.

Take a look:

Reagan was pretty hysterical. It’s nice to see him being appreciated for his humor by those making a living off comedy.

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