Thursday, May 26, 2016

A cell phone video has emerged of a girl having sex with up to two dozen male students in the boys’ bathroom at South Fort Myers High School on May 17th. A school security camera caught 25 boys entering the restroom.

The school initially suspended five students with 11 others awaiting disciplinary action. Students who shared the sex tape via social media could face child porn charges.

However, the school has attempted to keep the story on the hush hush. Lee County School Board Member Pamela LaRiviere stated, “I am upset about all the attention it is getting, to be honest with you.”

As you can see in the video below, administrators are more concerned about keeping this hushed up than they are about the moral degradation they allowed in their school.

This is what happens when you strip all traces of God from school. While they are policing to have schools be Atheist Safe Zones, they should be more concerned with the immoral, illegal, and disgusting activities going on right under their noses.

Share if you are disgusted with the behavior that is happening in our schools.

H/T: CBS News

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