Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cartoonist Marc Murphy of the Louisville Courier Journal tweeted an abominable picture depicting young children hanging on 2nd amendment crosses riddled with bullets.

Murphy’s tweet comes just days before the NRA is to hold their Annual Meetings at the Kentucky Exposition Center.



What makes this even worse is that Neil Budde, the Executive Editor of the Courier Journal, originally denied the tweet being published by the publication. However, the cartoon isn’t new at all. Budde later caved, admitting the cartoon had been published in the Courier Journal years ago.

BuddeTweet2 Budde Tweet1


The depiction of children being crucified is truly abhorrent and then to use it as a political tool to attack the NRA and the second amendment is atrocious and beyond the pale. This kind of gutter-sniping belongs with left wing organizations, not the mainstream media.

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