Thursday, May 5, 2016

Less than two months after Justice Antonin Scalia suddenly died, the Supreme Court did something that highlights what a huge void he left.

The Justices gave the green light to computer hacking warrants. Unbelievable!

This is alarming because the government can tap into your computer just by hacking it as the BBC reports:

“The DoJ wants judges to be able to issue remote search warrants for computers located anywhere that the United States claims jurisdiction, which could include other countries.

A remote search typically involves trying to access a suspect’s computer over the internet to explore the data contained on it.
It has pushed for a change in the rules since 2013, arguing that criminals can mask their location and identity online making it difficult to determine which jurisdiction a computer is located in.”

The fear is that this will infringe upon civil liberties since this can be done remotely.

Senator Ron Wyden is opposed to this change and is planning on introducing legislation to reverse it.

“Under the proposed rules, the government would now be able to obtain a single warrant to access and search thousands or millions of computers at once; and the vast majority of the affected computers would belong to the victims, not the perpetrators, of a cybercrime,” he said in a statement.

Sound the alarm bells! Justice Scalia would have spoken out against it. It is pure applesauce.

Please share this to warn others about this infringement on our privacy.


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