Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Target is losing sales and has taken a huge hit in the stock market, all because of their radical transgender bathroom policy.

Breitbart reports the company’s “second quarter sales, from April to June, may drop as much as 2 percent compared to the prior year. “This is a huge drop and it comes only a month after the company announced its bathroom policy allowing men claiming to be women to use the women’s restrooms and changing rooms.

This change in policy sparked a huge consumer boycott led by The American Family Association that has already garnered just shy of 1.3 million signers.

Target has attempted to deflect attention away from the boycott according to TheStreet.com

“We have seen a noticeable slowdown post-Easter,” Target CFO Cathy Smith said on a call with reporters. Target’s CEO Brian Cornell, who was also on the call, blamed the slowdown on unfavorable weather trends in the Northeast and volatile economic trends.

Cornell also said the company has not seen a “material” impact to its overall business from the protests, but has seen some hit to sales in a “handful” of stores. He declined to quantify the extent of the hit, however.

Despite their denial of the boycott affecting their business, Target’s stock has fallen 20 percent – from $84 per share to $67 per share – since their adoption of the radical transgender policy. If you think that isn’t a lot, it adds up to roughly $10 billion of the overall shareholder value of the company according to a chart produced by Yahoo.com.

The people of America are using their wallets to do the speaking and are having none of Target’s politically correct, dangerous liberal policies.

Share to keep the pressure on these out-of-touch companies that are putting YOUR life at risk with their dangerous policies.

H/T: Breitbart

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