Wednesday, May 4, 2016

During a second public encounter with the same pervert, Candice Spivey recorded the creep. The man approached her in Target to ask inappropriate questions of her while she was in the bathing suit department.

But, he didn’t recognize her from an incident two years prior in a grocery store when he did the same thing to Spivey while he had two children in his shopping cart.

Spivey posted the video on Facebook where it has been viewed over 2 million times. Watch how the Florida man innocently attempts to ask these creepy questions.

Warning: Language not safe for work! Watch the intense video as she chases him and calls for help:

The man ran from the store after being confronted. But, Spivey chased him. And since his car was parked at Target, he had to eventually return for it. Cops chased him and he ended up being held at gunpoint.

Nassau County police have identified him as Jeffrey Polizzi. They asked citizens if anyone else who had these sort of encounters with the pervert. Dozens of women have come forward. Watch the news report here:

So, this long-time creep has been outed because of a smart acting Target shopper and a Facebook post.

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