Friday, May 13, 2016

Remember this time last year when the pundits were laughing at the thought of Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination? Yeah, good times, good times.

Now, with the nomination all but sewn up, those same pundits are explaining how Trump cannot, will not, and shall not win the general election.

But a handful of liberals are wising up to the fact that Trump is a far tougher opponent than the pundits think, and are warning their fellow travelers that the election will be closer than many people assume.

Van Jones, President Obama’s former “Green Tzar” and his pals at moveon.org are out with a new warning to Clinton and Sanders fans, telling them that no matter who wins the Democratic nomination, they face one heck of a fight in the fall.

Why? Because Trump has proven that he will not self-destruct, as many had hoped, and that he will broaden the GOP coalition in ways that other nominees have not.

Let’s see if the Democratic leadership will listen to his warnings.

Watch the video below and share to help spread the word that Democrats should be very worried about Trump!

H/T: Mediaite

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