Friday, May 6, 2016

Being famous doesn’t give someone a license to be a jackass. But, that’s exactly what 50 Cent was when he posted a video of himself mocking a disabled man.

The rapper claimed a man working at the airport was “high as a mother ***ker,” among other things. The man that 50 Cent bullied in person and then online wasn’t stoned, but he does have a disability.

19-year-old Andrew Farrell has Asperger’s Syndrome, wears hearing aids, and has extreme social anxiety. Despite all of those challenges, Andrew still works. And that is what he was doing when the multi-millionaire mocked him.

The rapper got a lot of backlash over his cyberbullying. He has since apologized. On top of that, he donated $100,000 to Autism Speaks.

Too little, too late? We never know what someone’s story is, but this rapper was ready to pounce on someone he knew nothing about.

He thought he was doing a PSA about drugs, but ended up mocking someone who was trying to make something of his life.

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