Friday, May 27, 2016

President Obama doesn’t have a reputation as a leader who advocates or stands up for our military. Right before Memorial Day weekend he lived up to his soiled reputation. He slapped veterans and those who gave their lives for our country while he gave a speech on foreign soil.

The United States didn’t begin World War II, but we ended it by dropping nukes on Japan. President Obama took his apology tour to Hiroshima and essentially issued a mea culpa for dropping the bombs.

These are bombs that saved American lives as Japan wasn’t about to surrender. Obama would rather have had more members of our Greatest Generation be killed. His sympathy should be with Pearl Harbor not Hiroshima!

Speak for yourself Obama! You are a disgrace. So many of our servicemen were killed by the very people we nuked. And those bombs saved countless more. Watch this video which says exactly what I am feeling.

Please share this! We need the world to know Obama doesn’t speak for us!

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