Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Flying used to mean a glass of champagne and an exotic destination. But with more people flying than ever before, today, you’re more likely to get flat coke on the way to Delaware.

And more passengers mean more babies… and more babies mean more 500-decibel shrieks. Is it any wonder we wince whenever we see a parent and baby approaching the seat next to us?

But the passengers on a recent JetBlue flight from New York to Palm Beach didn’t mind the sound of babies crying. In fact, they were hoping for it.

Why? Because to celebrate Mother’s Day, JetBlue came up with a genius idea: whenever a baby cried on the flight, they offered EVERY passenger  25% off of their next trip.

Yep, that meant that if they heard four baby wails, they’d get a flight for FREE!

Well done JetBlue, for ringing in Mother’s Day.

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H/T: Ad Week

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