Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Benghazi Select Committee’s report is a bombshell of bad news for Barack Obama and his then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

One of the most damning pieces of information is this: The day after this terrorist attack, President Obama skipped a security briefing. Our Ambassador and other Americans were killed by terrorists at our own embassy and that didn’t warrant the Commander in Chief’s attention.

Americans weren’t the priority of Obama and his henchman Hillary Clinton during or after the Benghazi terrorist attack. The President’s re-election was the priority. They had to push the blame onto someone else. They used these four dead Americans as their campaign photo op.

Here is video of Henchman Hillary blaming the death of the Americans at Benghazi on a Youtube video that spoke ill of Mohammad. Now this woman wants to continue Obama’s assault on Americans by being our next President.

Watch Hillary speaking here:

Now we know the truth – President Obama didn’t even pretend to care about Benghazi. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have skipped that meeting the day after the attack.

The mainstream media is likely to hide this to protect Obama and Hillary. Don’t let them! It’s our job to get this information out!

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H/T: Weekly Standard

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